Ceci Favetto

Ceci Favetto
  • Fastest growing agent award in 2022
  • Coldwell Banker Colorado #3 individual for 1st Quarter 2023
  • CB Elite level, representing the top 5% of agents at Coldwell Banker Realty – Colorado 2023

Real estate is a personal matter for Cecilia. Having lived around the world and moved across continents, Cecilia has vast experience in selling and buying homes and can provide you with the utmost support throughout this transition. Her personal experience has contributed to her deep knowledge of what relocating is in a holistic sense.

Cecilia has a degree in Hospitality Management and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Marketing. Her studies began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and were completed in Ohio University. She has also spent time in sales in radio and TV networks in Miami, Florida. Her first exposure to the business side of real estate was over 20 years ago when she was working for a  home developer in Marbella, Spain. This ignited a passion she continuously revisited, but it wasn’t until moving to Denver that Cecilia decided to dedicate her full attention to real estate.  Cecilia’s greatest strength in the real estate industry is her genuine desire to help people find the right home or for homes to find the right buyers.

Outside of work, Cecilia can be found hosting large gatherings at home with great home-cooked meals and enjoying time with her husband and three children.


The amount of personal attention that she gave us and the time and effort that she put into the sale of our home was extraordinary! From pricing our home all the way through closing, Cecilia gave us great advice. Her support and encouragement made the whole process smooth and painless. She was wonderful!

So grateful to Cecilia for helping us find our dream home. We wanted something unique in historic Denver. Historic homes come up very infrequently. Cecilia used her network to identify homes including ones not yet marketed. With her contacts we were able to find our forever home.

We recently did a sale AND purchase in metro Denver. Cecilia is a master of her craft! She artfully got her entire office aware of our property and followed up on every appointment. Inspections and appraisals on the purchase were effortless. She’s pleasant and a joy to work with. For transactions that are usually very stressful, especially when simultaneous… this is the agent that delivered! Thank you Cecilia!!!